The Story behind Snooki Sportswear

Snooki Sportswear was born out of an ideology that one can create, no matter who you are or where you come from. Lynne Snook is the Founder and creator of her brand. Her journey started with her passion for Bali and the loss of her Mother at 18 years of age. Lynne had been taught, as a child, the fundamentals of dressmaking by her skilled Mother Sandra. At 22 years of age Lynne made her first trip on a plane to Indonesia, to travel. She instantly fell in love with Indonesia, and continues to this very day to refer to Bali as her second home (some 16 years later). Her mix of dressmaking skills, a love for the island of Bali and Sport led to a ‘unique’ recipe for sportswear designing and making.


The push to design and make her ‘dream’ a reality came in the summer of 2015. On returning to the UK from Australia to nurse and care for her dying Father Bruce; Lynne was empowered to design her first range of women’s clothing. Lynne turned the sadness of caring for and watching her father die into a positive project, that would not only carry the family name on, but the cherished memories of both her mother and father. Lynne went to Bali in 2016 to design and make her prototypes, at the same time as caring full time for her Father. She employed the people of Bali to replicate her designs, to ‘give back’ to families of her second home. Her branding logo, the angel Fish, was born out of her surname ‘Snook’. SNOOK is a type of fish. This knowledge combined with Lynne’s faith made an obvious choice for her logo. What you have read so far is an all-encompassing story of how ‘Snooki Sportswear’ was born, developed and has come to be.


Lynne currently works in partnership with a team of dressmakers in Bali to create the products you see before you today. All her garments have been individually thought out, designed and created with love, using organic Lycra and cotton mix. She hopes you enjoy the unique twist to her brand, combining dress wear with sports kit, and any feedback would be received with love and thanks.